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Waiting for deliveries May 16, 2005

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I’m so impatient! I’m waiting for numerous deliveries right now. Not all of them are yarn related but some of them are. I’m waiting for my cotton ribbon from the previous post. I ordered a bunch of Kureyon for some other people from and I’m waiting on an ebay win for some Kureyon that comes with a wine bag patter so that my SIL and I can make some wine bags.

I’m currently working on Anniversary from Knitty and a purse similar to the Booga Bag that I’m going to line with some really cool fabric that I picked up from Jo-Ann’s this weekend.

I’m supposedly sewing a skirt for an upcoming wedding, but after my trial run from this weekend I’m not so sure any more. The purse I’m knitting and the lining were picked specifically to match the fabric that I already have. It’s all super gorgeous, but I’m a sewing disaster. Although, on a happier note, my husband bought me my very own sewing maching this weekend. I’m in love with the maching, but having some severe user error issues. I’m trying to sew from a pattern that was designed to fit me which means there are minimal instructions. The waist is too big and I can’t figure out how to finish it and the zipper was basically a disaster. I’m going to rip the zipper out, finish the seam to the top and put elastic in the top to finish this skirt. I’m happy with the skirt itself though and I’ll probably wear it often. I just need a really easy skirt pattern to start with instead of trying to wing it with no sewing experience.

As soon as the yarn arrives I’ll drop everything though and cast on for a tank top although which one is still to be determined.


Oh, what have I done? I went and bought some yarn… May 7, 2005

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Oh, what have I done? I went and bought some yarn from Mystical Creation Yarns. I couldn’t resist! This is Cotton Ribbon in the Lauren colorway. I ordered 950 yards which should be enough for whichever tank top pattern I pick to use it for. Right now ChicKnits Boatneck Shell and Ribby Shell are my choices, but I’m sure there are others out there.


Drooling over yarn

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Oh my! So, I was innocently over at Knitty’s Forum reading posts when I happened upon a post about this website:

Mystical Creation Yarns

The colors are so amazing and the yarns are just too yummy looking. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist.


And here’s my ever so willing model. My poor husb… May 4, 2005

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And here’s my ever so willing model. My poor husband…he gets roped into everything. Posted by Hello


Clapotis knit in a hemp/wool blend from www.angora…

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Clapotis knit in a hemp/wool blend from I loved working with this yarn and fell in love with the variations in color. Posted by Hello


Close-up of finished Booga Bag. Eventually this w…

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Close-up of finished Booga Bag. Eventually this will get a bright blue lining to help it hold its shape a bit more. I had a blast knitting this and it was quite quick. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. Posted by Hello


Completed Booga BagĀ 

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Completed Booga Bag Posted by Hello