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Answers for Gaby June 9, 2005

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Thank you for your comment! You didn’t leave an email addy for me to respond to so I’m going to respond here.

For the variegated scarf (My-So-Called scarf) I used’s merino in the worsted weight in a color way called Magnolia. It was amazing to work with and the first time I had ever even touched merino. If you can find some (try Ebay) it’s awesome to work with.

The red cabled scarf was done in Lion Brand Wool-Ease using the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern. If you like the pattern it’s a good way to start cabling. Google it and it’ll come up along with the knit-along.

The tan scarf was done in a wool/acrylic blend that I got in bulk from Ebay.

The bulky black and red cabled scarf was done in the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern with Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky.

Whoo…I think that’s it. Oh, wait! The purple one. I have no clue. It was for my friend and she picked out the yarn, but it was bought at Wal-Mart and they still have it.


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