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I’m Branching Out… June 24, 2005

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What’s that? you say. It’s this. I only have a few repeats of Branching Out done, but it’s been the hardest few repeats of my short knitting life.

Branching Out, why do you mock me so?
It’s such a gorgeous pattern, yet…I just could not get the hang of it. Okay…so I started it at midnight last night. I’m not a good knitter late at night, but I felt pretty confident that I could do this. Was I ever mistaken! Now that I’ve taken the time to sit down and figure out what I was doing I can sit and watch TV and knit BO.
I’m in love with lace knitting! I’m going to frog the scarf I am still working on for my SIL and start a lace pattern from my Vogue reference book. Then I’m going to start some sort of lace shawl for my grandmother. I have no clue which shawl is the best to pick, but I’m definitely going to start looking.
Okay, off to bed for me. Nighty-night!

2 Responses to “I’m Branching Out…”

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