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No pictures….please July 22, 2005

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Fuzzy says, “Aww, ma, no more pictures, huh?”

Finally, a picture of the newest addition to our family. This is Trouble. He is one of the three kittens that we rescued from behind our dumpster a couple weeks ago. We couldn’t keep all three off them due to finances and allergies, but Mike fell in love with Trouble so he got to stay. He and Fuzzy are starting to get along. They’re sleeping on the couch right now.

And in knitting news, I completed a pair of baby socks for a friend. They went so quickly and turned out okay. It really helped me to learn more about the mechanics of socks in a small project that didn’t take forever to do the cuff alone.


Roving to yarn and back again July 18, 2005

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Mike has been really busy lately. He’s working two jobs to help make ends meet. He was actually home on Saturday night and wanted to do something fun together so…he made me a drop spindle and then we dyed roving with Kool-Aid. (Pictures to come in the next day or so) The roving is a bit difficult to draft though. I tried to spin some of it yesterday and it’s pretty wonky and then after setting the twist it’s looking pretty much like roving again. Sigh…I’m going to learn to do this!

On the knitting scene I’ve been working on Mike’s socks in black Fixation to go under his cargo boots. We’re simply waiting on the letter that says when he deploys. It could be in the next couple of months or it could be sometime next year, but it’s a pretty sure thing that he goes eventually. So he needs socks to wear under those boots with his camoflage uniform. I’m also working on a lace scarf for my SIL, still working on Branching Out, and the Anniversary sweater from for Mike.

I joined the scarf exchange that Celia is hosting and I’m so excited. It’s my first exchange and it’s been so fun looking at patterns and colors and yarns that I normally wouldn’t knit, but that my exchange recipient might like.

Hmm…I need to post pictures of progress, but there hasn’t been much on any one thing since I’ve been working on so many things at once. Pictures when there’s progress then.


Our Prayers Are With You London July 7, 2005

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I was working 10 minutes from the Pentagon when the plane hit it on 9/11. The shock and hurt was just so immense. Friends were missing, friends of friends killed…it was traumatic and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Now…knitting friends in London are experiencing the same and the feeling of helplessness is almost overwhelming. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.


Happy 4th of July! July 4, 2005

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Pattern: Shapely Tank by White Lies Designs
Yarn: Cotton Ribbon from Mysticl Creation Yarns
Started: June 14, 2005
Completed: July 1, 2005
Skills Learned: Shaping an armhole and working with two balls of yarn at the same time to complete the straps. Also, first time successfully completing a 3-needle bind off.
Changes I would make: I think I need to leave out a set of increases after the waist shaping to get rid of the slight pucker right below my chest. There was a little extra room up there.

I wore my Shapely Tank to my family’s 4th of July celebration yesterday and it was a big hit.

I’ve already purchased the yarn for my second one. A solid color this time.