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Roving to yarn and back again July 18, 2005

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Mike has been really busy lately. He’s working two jobs to help make ends meet. He was actually home on Saturday night and wanted to do something fun together so…he made me a drop spindle and then we dyed roving with Kool-Aid. (Pictures to come in the next day or so) The roving is a bit difficult to draft though. I tried to spin some of it yesterday and it’s pretty wonky and then after setting the twist it’s looking pretty much like roving again. Sigh…I’m going to learn to do this!

On the knitting scene I’ve been working on Mike’s socks in black Fixation to go under his cargo boots. We’re simply waiting on the letter that says when he deploys. It could be in the next couple of months or it could be sometime next year, but it’s a pretty sure thing that he goes eventually. So he needs socks to wear under those boots with his camoflage uniform. I’m also working on a lace scarf for my SIL, still working on Branching Out, and the Anniversary sweater from for Mike.

I joined the scarf exchange that Celia is hosting and I’m so excited. It’s my first exchange and it’s been so fun looking at patterns and colors and yarns that I normally wouldn’t knit, but that my exchange recipient might like.

Hmm…I need to post pictures of progress, but there hasn’t been much on any one thing since I’ve been working on so many things at once. Pictures when there’s progress then.


2 Responses to “Roving to yarn and back again”

  1. Impossible Princess Says:

    It’s my first exchange too so hopefully they like our stuff 🙂

  2. Amie Says:

    My husband is on his way to Iraq this very second, so you nailed it on the head for those black socks – comfy and cool? check! Fashionable and decoratively knit? Negative…

    Good luck with Mike – hope all this ends before he has to leave you at all!!!

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