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One of these things is not like the other… October 26, 2005

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(Taps playing in the background) You served me well for two pairs of socks and numerous sock starts. Little did we know that there was a weak spot in your middle that would snap at the most inopportune time. Thank you for holding yourself together just long enough for me to knit the stitches, the ones that clung perilously close to death, off and onto another needle. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. You will be remember each time the Razor Shell Socks are worn. Farewell, my friend, my US2 Bryspun DPNs.

Edited to add that I might have raided the stash that I was planning on sending off to a friend and…well…took a set of bamboo US2 DPNs. It was a for a good cause though, I mean, come on! It’s the Razor Shell Socks. That’s quite a lovely reason to become a needle thief. Yeah, knitting has really increased my rationalization skills.


5 Responses to “One of these things is not like the other…”

  1. Miriam Says:

    well shit. Have you got another set of needles? This is one reason I love the tiny aluminum boye dpns… even though they’re dumb and come in sets of 4 instead of 5.

  2. trek Says:

    I bought two sets of US3s because they come in packages of four. It worked out well, though, because I actually use up to seven needles when doing a sock – no heel gusset holes for me! Also, Susan Bates makes a “sock pack” of Silvalumes that has five of each of US000, 00, 0, and 1.

  3. Gracie Says:

    Now having a moment of silence for the fallen knitting needle…..

    ….. have a great Sunday!

  4. Brenda Says:

    Hi Amanda –

    Thanks for your comments on the Mavis sweater over on my blog! I hope you don’t mind me posting here instead of emailing you, but I couldn’t find your email addy anywhere… thanks for letting me know about the Give A Little prize – what a treat! I never win anything! Drop me a line at hugekingfanATyahooDOTca and I’ll send you my home address. Thanks again! A dame can never have too many needles!!

  5. Amie Says:

    Ooohh… Poor little needle. *bows head*

    The watchband was just knit stocking stitch, wider than the holes for the band (since I knew StSt would curl back) and then threaded through, and bound off with a three needle bind off to the cast on edge. Simple – just took a few minutes!

    And a Strong Heel is terrific – would be great for a new sock knitter! There’s no flap, no picking up stitches, just a series of increases and decreases to make the heel shape, and because you’re knitting in the same direction the whole time, it’s great for self-patterning yarns because the stripes aren’t interupted in any way. It’s also VERY comfortable. If you can get your hands on the Fall 2003 Knitters it’s in there.

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