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A new year and a new name January 2, 2007

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Happy New Year every one!

Since moving from KY to IN this past Fall I thought it would make sense to change the name of my blog to something that was related to IN instead of KY. My SIL and I have always said that if we opened a yarn store we would do it in IN and call it the Hoosier Yarn Barn so…here you have it…the first step towards my dream.

My wonderful husband gifted me with the Vogue Stitchionary Third Volume and E. Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears for Christmas and I’ve been pouring through them. I’m really hoping to work on colorwork this year. Last year I taught myself Fair Isle and this year my goal is Intarsia.

Here’s to a happy, healthy year full of growth and challenges.


One Response to “A new year and a new name”

  1. Denise Says:

    Welcome to your new online home! I hope this gives you the motivation to UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! Some of us want to see your progress! Love, Happiness, and a Happy New Year!
    your SIL,

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