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Sockapalooza 4…aka “I’m so spoiled!” August 10, 2007

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My sock pal Theresa sent me the most incredible package!

Socks in the Rolling Thunder pattern from Knitty, made out of Panda Bamboo.  Oh, my gosh, this yarn is incredible!  So soft and squishy!

A sheep journal and pen…rockin’!

Awesome stitch markers that are small enough for sock knitting 🙂

Hand-dyed BFL roving in gorgeous colors!

I don’t have the smallest or easiest to knit for feet (well…mainly ankles), but these fit perfectly!


2 Responses to “Sockapalooza 4…aka “I’m so spoiled!””

  1. Ms Lindz Says:

    Those are very nice socks! What a great package you received :o)

  2. I am soooooo glad that they fit. I was having serious confindence problems that they would fit. I definately had to recheck the measurments and knit to the given size. WHEEEWWW!!!!!(wiping brow) I am so glad that you like the package. Have fun spinning the BFL. I hope that the Babe is up and running so that you can have fun with the roving.

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