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Do you hear that???? September 2, 2007

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I’m pretty sure it’s the sound of angels singing because yes…the tank top is finally done.

I dropped it off at Yarns and Fabrications yesterday.

In other news…my parents took Michael and me out on a pontoon boat last night and it was absolutely incredible!

Michael chillin’

Ugh!!! Can you believe he still loves me when I’m this nasty looking???

The parental units…aren’t they so stinkin’ adorable?

White Water is an incredible park with a beautiful lake!


One Response to “Do you hear that????”

  1. Ms Lindz Says:

    Ah, yes… I hear the angels too! hehe

    Yay! for the tank top being done!! Looks like you had a good time and I agree, it does look really beautiful :o)

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