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No pics, but lots of WIPs January 3, 2008

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I ended the year by finishing a pair of wristwarmers for Mslindz and a pair of socks for Michael.

Unfortunately I still have the following on the needles:

Mike’s Anniversary Sweater that I started, oh, two years ago

Wicked – Needs the bottom 1/4 finished and the sleeves knit

The Bag from No Sheep for You – May be modified with another slip stitch pattern if I can’t figure this out without going completely brain dead

Corazon from Knitty – Still trying to decide if I want to make them fingerless or mirror images to deal with the yarn shortage, but I do like the fit much better this time around

Mike’s gray socks – Had to rip out the toe of the first one and knit it longer.  Finished it New Year’s Eve.  Started the cuff of the second one

I am searching for just the right pattern for the Jitterbug that Mslindz gave me.  I started Monkeys, but the colorway and the pattern were fighting for dominance.  Considering Charade.


One Response to “No pics, but lots of WIPs”

  1. Liz in IN Says:

    Hi Amanda. WIPs are wonderful! I have several, myself. No worries. I work on whichever project calls to me, choosing the one that ‘goes with’ whatever else I’m doing at the time. Lace chart reading does not go with watching TV. But socks? Perfect.

    I’m also in Indiana, and I wish it would decide what season to be!

    BTW, I came here from your comment on LIsa’s handblog site. The hex frames are available online from ghees dot com.

    Happy knitting & sewing!

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