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It’s Spring…Well…Almost Anyways April 9, 2009

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We had spring here in southeast Indiana for a few days and then it dropped 40 degrees overnight and started flurrying.  I was not thrilled, to say the least, as this causes major problems with my health.  Yet, that’s the weather you sign up for when you live in the mid-west and until I move somewhere else, that’s what I get.  So, complaining over!

I’ve been so busy with my newest endeavor that knitting time has been scarce!

What is it, you ask?  I’m now selling Tupperware!  I’m so excited about it!  It’s been about a month now and although I’ve only done a couple parties so far, I’ve already got about 8 booked through the end of May.  I adore Tupperware and bought scads of it when my SIL was selling it, but just wasn’t in a place where I could start selling it then.  When my friend Noelle had a microwave cooking class a little over a month ago and I was telling her more about the products then she could tell me she looked at me and said, “Seriously?  Why aren’t you selling this?”  So I signed up!  It works out great for me too since I’m no longer working full-time so that I can go to school full-time.  The education program is full of classes that require you to be available during the day and then during the night the next semester so it’s hard to have a regular, 9-5, job.  Tupperware lets me be flexible, go to school, and still do all the volunteer work and bible studies that I value so much at church.  Yay, TW!

Okay, knitting content next post, I promise!

Oh, and for anyone who might be interested, there’s a great sale on a Mother’s Day Lunch Bag on the Tupperware site.  Let me know if you’d like it!


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