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The Weekend May 3, 2010

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Michael worked on Saturday so while he slaved away, welding things together, I finished up a pair of socks for him.  These poor socks have been languishing for quite a while.  They were originally intended as a graduation present for his youngest brother, but once the Yarn Harlot held the first sock (oh, my! almost 2 years ago now!) the deal was sealed!  These socks needed to stay in the immediate family. LOL

Ravelry link

Sunday we had a wonderful service at church as Jeff preached on “If God is good, why is there suffering” which wrapped up our, “If God is good” series.  I cried like a broken faucet the entire time!  What a wonderful sermon series this has been.  So tremendously helpful.  I know Kent is having a difficult time posting the sermons online, but two sermons in the series, “Why Do Bad Things Happen?” and “Can Good Come From Pain?” are available for listening right now.  Download here.

After church we taught the third grade Sunday school class and had a marvelous time!  It was a very active worship service with the kids and I left drenched in sweat…who needs Zumba when you have kids worship music and a roomful of energetic kids?  Then we got down to the heart of the matter.  Angels.  Our lesson this week was about Peter being released from prison by an angel.  Talking with the kids about angels was great!  We asked them to tell us about other times in the Bible where angels helped out and they had so many examples…they’re such a great group!  Then we played a little game of true, false or not sure.  I read a statement about angels and the kids would either move forward, backwards or stand still if it was true, false or if they weren’t sure.  It was a blast!  Man, I love those kids!

After Sunday school, Michael and I had Chipotle for lunch and then got down to the business of grocery shopping for the week.  Bought some different things this week: steel cut outs, agave syrup, wheat germ, organic maple syrup, unsweetened apple sauce.  We’re trying something different.  I’m not going to get all preachy about it, I hope and I don’t want to put the cart before the horse so I want to wait until there are results to put it all out there, but I’m praying that it works.  Something has to change.


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