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Spring Fling 2011 May 3, 2011

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Last weekend I was lucky enough to be among the knitters and crocheters gathered in St. Louis, MO for The Loopy Ewe’s annual Spring Fling.

I was full of nervous anticipation as I left home Thursday morning and headed down 71/75S.  That must be why I missed the 71/75 split and ended up on the way to Lexington instead of Louisville.  Good thing that I-64 pretty much meets up with I-75 in Georgetown, KY.  Since Missouri is an hour behind me it’s like my little detour never happened, right?  Right!

I-64 West was an absolute mess going through Illinois.

I, of course, posted on Facebook when I arrived at the hotel and after freshening up opened the door to my room to find my roomie walking in from the hallway!  She was waiting for me to arrive.  Yay, Erica!!!  I basically answered Erica’s personal ad for a roomie on the Ravelry Spring Fling discussion board and then we got to know each other a little better on Facebook.  We were a perfect match, separated at birth even.

I didn’t have my point-and-shoot camera with me this weekend so I don’t have a lot of pictures, but here’s one of Erica in the knitting lounge.

My muggle (non-knitter) friends don’t believe that there are famous knitters/designers/teachers, but there are!  And Erica and I were lucky enough not only to take classes from them, but also to have lunch with them and to spend some time with them Saturday evening, knitting and chatting.

Speaking of muggles, we were discussing detangling yarn barf when I realized that perhaps my husband can tell what the contents of a yarn is because he detangles my yarn barf.  To which JC Briar replied, “Your muggle husband is a yarn barf detangler?”  Priceless!

I learned so much this weekend, not only  in my classes (Advanced Lace Knitting with Anne Hanson and Entomology with Laura Nelkin), but also from all of the amazing ladies that I had the opportunity to meet.

I may have participated in some stash enhancement at Loopy Central, but that, my friends, will have to wait for another day (because I haven’t taken pictures yet!!!).