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Mystery Stole 3 June 14, 2007

Filed under: Mystery Stole 3 — Amanda @ 2:14 am

Against my better judgement I have joined the Mystery Stole 3 KAL.  I have more WIPs than I even want to think about, including some commission projects that are not quite on a deadline, but I have money in them, kwim?  So, even though I think it’s an absolutely insane idea, I’m joining anyway.  I bought the yarn tonight, yep, broke my yarn diet once again.  I searched the stash, promise, but I’m a sucker for handpainted lace yarn so I didn’t have anything suitable.  Oh, darn, had to get something new.  I bought Zephyr Wool Silk in the pewter colorway.  A few other knitters are using this color for their stole.  Now I just need to pick out beads.  I’m hoping that the yarn will be here by this weekend so that I can run to the bead store down the street (that I haven’t gone in yet…horror of horrors!) and match up some beauties.