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Yarn Crawl January 21, 2007

Filed under: My Constant Companion,yarn crawl — Amanda @ 2:22 pm

Yesterday Beth, Liesl, and I went on a mini-yarn store crawl.

We started up north at Yarns & Fabrications where I’m telling myself I did not break my “No Yarn in 2007” yarn diet by using my in store credit. I also bought some fabric to line a purse that I’m in the process of designing.

Then we went to Don Pablo’s for lunch. Margaritas were enjoyed by all. I had one swirled with sangria…tasty! 🙂

Then we were off to KnitOn! where I did manage to be good and bought nothing. However, I did decide that for the remainder of Mike’s Valentine’s yarn gifting we’re going to KnitOn! There’s just so much more yarn than any of the other yarn stores in the area and I did just buy yarn from Yarns & Fabrications so I’m trying not to feel so guilty.

On the needles right now are the purse I’m designing and the Brea bag that I’ve been frustrated with for months now. I’ve finished the first side of the Brea bag, but can’t manage to line up the cables on the second side. Yeah, I’m challenged. I know.

To be started in the near future…Mike bought me some yarn (the first part of my Valentine’s gift…he’s way too good to me) that should arrive Monday. I’m getting some dark red laceweight mohair to make a reversible cable wrap and some bulky wool to make a My Constant Companion.

I’m also working on a pair of UK socks and a desert camo hat for Michael when time (ha…what’s that?) permits!

Oh, and winter finally find the Cincinnati tri-state area. We have about 2 inches right now and it’s still falling. Supposed to be cold all week. Finally!