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The PinkLady Bag by Designs by Shelley in Lamb’s P… February 9, 2006

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The PinkLady Bag by Designs by Shelley in Lamb’s Pride Worsted pre-felting
James Blunt CD included for scale and to show my new favorite CD. My closest friend, D, had me listen to this CD one night and I was instantly obsessed.

The Pink Lady Bag post felting

This is a hairy beast of a purse. The mohair in the Lamb’s Pride fluffed out when I felted it. It looks like a little lamb. I’m in love with it!

Grumperina’s Odessa in Knit Picks Andean Silk – Sangria.
This pattern was a joy to knit. I’ve never knit with beads before, but it was a blast and there is now hope for my previously cast aside beads.

I’ve been looking for a job for almost two weeks now. It’s been difficult, but it has given me quite a bit of time to knit as I’m sure you can tell.