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Stash Enhancement….again August 4, 2007

Filed under: The Loopy Ewe — Amanda @ 8:48 pm

New yarn from the latest sneak up at The Loopy Ewe.

Ack! I wasn’t supposed to be buying any yarn this year and this is just one order!

From left to right:

Gypsy Knits in Lavender Blue, The Plucky Knitter in Wuthering Heights, & The Knittery in Moonlight

At this point I have no definite plans for the Lavender Blue, Moonlight may become a pair of Monkey socks and the Wuthering Heights may be destined to become Icarus from Summer 2006 IK as soon as I get it back from D.

Ms Lindz is coming to dinner and a movie tonight. Yay! She and her man came over for dinner last Friday and we had a blast! Ms Lindz rocks!


Score! April 19, 2007

Filed under: The Loopy Ewe — Amanda @ 6:37 pm

I totally scored some Claudia Hand Painted sock yarn in Loopy Ewe’s Peppermint Mocha colorway. If you haven’t visited The Loopy Ewe’s site before and you’ve ever even thought about knitting socks…go look now. It’s okay, I’ll wait. It’s totally worth it! Sheri and her family are absolutely amazing and they carry some beyond gorgeous sock yarn. I’m thrilled with their customer service and the little gifties I get in my order. They’re doing “sneak up” updates lately and I’ve been stalking the site. It’s an obsession and I’m pretty sure it’s contagious, so seriously, go buy some sock yarn!