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Pay it Forward January 5, 2008

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No one wants to sign up for Pay it Forward?  Now, now…don’t be shy.  I promise to send something really fabulous!


No pics, but lots of WIPs January 3, 2008

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I ended the year by finishing a pair of wristwarmers for Mslindz and a pair of socks for Michael.

Unfortunately I still have the following on the needles:

Mike’s Anniversary Sweater that I started, oh, two years ago

Wicked – Needs the bottom 1/4 finished and the sleeves knit

The Bag from No Sheep for You – May be modified with another slip stitch pattern if I can’t figure this out without going completely brain dead

Corazon from Knitty – Still trying to decide if I want to make them fingerless or mirror images to deal with the yarn shortage, but I do like the fit much better this time around

Mike’s gray socks – Had to rip out the toe of the first one and knit it longer.  Finished it New Year’s Eve.  Started the cuff of the second one

I am searching for just the right pattern for the Jitterbug that Mslindz gave me.  I started Monkeys, but the colorway and the pattern were fighting for dominance.  Considering Charade.